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Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies
SMF 204
B J Rye

Lecture 6 – Reproductive issues: Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth Ovulation: first into body cavity - Drawn by fimbriae into fallopian tube - Moved by CILIA - Sperm = 300 000 000 released - 2000 reach the ovum - 1 penetrates the ovum – conception has occurred Ova? - Women start with 7 million oogonia in fetal ovaries - 2 million primary oocytes in new born - 40, 000 oocytes by adolescence - 400 oocytes are ovulated Monozygotic twins = identical Dizygotic twins = fraternal Improving Chances (every time you have unprotected sex, you have a 3% chance of getting pregnant) 1. Timing of coitus - At or around the time of ovulation 2. Amount of coitus - You don’t need to have coitus 15 times a day, because men won’t have as effective sperm - You would want to have sex every 24-48 hours 3. Facilitative coitus - Men on top is the best position if you are trying to get pregnant - Lay down for the next twenty minutes after ejaculation Embryo Development – Zygote - Down tube - Cell divide, becomes a mass in a few days! - 3-5 days to reach uterus - Implants 5-7 days after conception -  embryo - Take 3 trimesters to fully develop Pregnancy Signs of Pregnancy - Presumptive – missed period - Probable – human chronic gonadotropin in the woman’s system (what we pass through a pregnancy test.  A hormone that is passed through the embryo  What it does acts like LH and therefore supports the endometrium  If the hormone did not support the endometrium, then it would result in miscarriages  HCG also upset the woman’s st
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