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Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies
SMF 204
B J Rye

Lecture 8 – Techniques of Arousal 1. Autosexual behaviour - Fantasy - Masturbation  9/10 fantasize (100% of men have masturbated, 79% women)  99% of people masturbate and 1% are liars (lol)  Historically women don’t masturbate nearly as much, perhaps because of how women and sexuality is viewed  Nearly 90% of men start masturbating around the age of 11-15 - Dildo usage  4 out of 10 women in our class say yes  1 out of 10 men say yes 2. Two person sex - Kissing  9 of 10 of us have engaged in deep kissing Kissing couples – Blumstein & Schwartz - 96% of heterosexual couples kiss during sex - 87% of homosexual men kiss during sex - 99% of homosexual women kiss during sex - Our class resembles their study ^^ - Mutual masturbation  Gave hand stimulation of a partner -- about 9 out of 10 of us have  Receiving hand stimulation between 8 and 9 of us out of 10  Common sexual behaviours - Oral sex  Oral sex occurs at least sometimes during sex…  Heterosexual couples – 72% say fellatio occurs and 74% say cunnilingus  Homosexual –
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