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Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies
SMF 204
B J Rye

Lecture 9 – Love, attraction and relationships Attractive people are judged more positively - Seen as interesting, outgoing, and intelligent Meta – analysis – Feingold - Looked at people who were more and less attractive and how they differ - Attractive people are more popular and more socially skilled - They are less lonely - And less socially anxious - Not more gifted abilities/traits - The key was self-evaluation Theories not in my text book** Principles of attraction - Complementarity  Opposites attract - similarity/matching  We like others who are similar to us  Go to similarly attractive people  Age, race, ethnicity are common areas in which people match  We like people who have similar value systems and beliefs  Parenting and other hot button topics count as key value systems and factor in the scheme of matching - Proximity: exposure  If people spend a lot of time together the more your physical impression of people will become desensitized to their flaws Balance – POX theory Balanced: Person: Tim + Love Other: Billie + = object X + Pornography  If Tim and Billie who love each other both like pornography, then they are balanced  If Tim approves of abortion but Billie doesn’t, then they are unbalanced Equity Inequity = distress; restorations attempts  Underbenefitted; give > get  Overbenefittted: get > give Component Theory 1. Physiological arousal 2. Labelling arousal e.g., Capilano Bridge Study – of the men on the bridge half were approached by attractive female on “scary” bridge, others approached by male “safe” Classical conditioning UCS UCR Evaluation +/- Reinforcement  +/- affect  +/- evaluation (^Sandwich^) Person (Neutral) CS
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