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Lecture 1 anything that's not on the prof's slides that was important.

Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies
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Stacey Jacobs

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SMF 204 Lecture 1 Tuesday Sept. 14th, 2010
Two tests and one final. No assignments no projects.
Chapter 1
Linked for PDF SMF_204_-_What_is_sex_-_class_2
If you wanted to change a gender roll how would you do it?
oThe way we raise our children
oThe way you yourself behave
oCan be beneficial and harmful
oIt’s important to be open minded and let your labels change.
oRemember, it’s impossible to be unbiased, but you need to keep your
biases in check and not let them effect your relationships
Ethics and sexual rights conflict
oBelieved that “the west” is forcing their opinions on the world.
oDue to the differences in cultures this shouldn’t necessarily the case.
Will be test question about 8 principals of critical thinking.
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