SMF204 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Antifungal, Etonogestrel, Emergency Contraception

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* review body temperatures/pregnancy temperatures
* menstrual cycle (progesterone and estrogen levels) – graphs
high HCG levels = upset levels, good because means pregnancy can be maintained
*** don’t mess up delivery system with mechanism of action ***
patch – delivers progesterone and estrogen levels high, then you go off for a break
can be used in continuous fashion like OC
*pearl index*
theoretical failure rate – due to method only
actual failure rate – method + user
patch = breast discomfort higher
1 ring per cycle, keep for 3 weeks remove for 1
15 ug of estrogen
120 ug of progesterone
can be removed for up to 2 hours for intercourse
higher blood hormone levels with anti-fungal medication
Emergency Contraception
large doses of levonoregestrel – synthetic progesterone
primary mechanism – interference with ovulation, no evidence that it
interferes with implantation
doesn’t interfere with existing pregnancy or impair future fertility
if you’ve already ovulated, plan B will do absolutely nothing
take EC after unprotected sex, but only once every 12 hours
not recommended as a birth control method because there are more effective
irritates lining – no implantation 1%
intrauterine – mirena, copper T
copper chemically reacts with sperm and kills it
raising progesterone levels
thickens cervical mucous so sperm can’t pass
body thinks you’re already pregnant
2007 study
condoms are most common 54+%
some kind of hormone – 52%
natural family planning – 18%
sterilization – 14%
find more resources at
find more resources at
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