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Social Development Studies
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Theresa Romkey

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Marxism Nigel Marsh: people are so oppressed they don’t even see their own oppression  Why?  to conform or we don’t know how/don’t want to start over Karl Marx  Influenced by Georg Hegel (historical materialism  economic base)  The capitalists system is inherently flawed and that will lead to its demise  Communist Manifesto in 1848 to educate public on their own oppression  Das Kapital: critic of capitalism Arguments  Humans are a product of their environment (human nature is plastic and can be changed)  Wants full equality (economic, political and social)  The state was produced because of class conflict  Two different approaches to the state o Big state (socialism o No state (communism)  Change from capitalism to socialism and eventually communism Capitalism  Surplus wealth: factory produces so many good things yet profits go to only a small group (owners)  exploitation  Change only occurs through tension and conflict  Built on conflict between classes, specifically between the bourgeoisie (workers) and the proletariat (factory owners).  Reserve army of labour: group that can move in and out of the system when needed o Regulate wages (there’s always someone willing to do your job for less) o Supply labour during sudden expansion and production (war times)  False consciousness: people are unable to see their own oppression under capitalism What Marx Wants  Productive work: work that makes your heart sing  No Private property because it divides people  Alienation of work o Product: worker cannot afford to buy the product they produce o Process: worker has no say on how the good is produced o Others: workers isolated from co-workers o Species Being: work doesn’t have meaning  Petite Bourgeoisie: middle class (small business owners)  Lumpenproletariat: Scum, the leavings, the refused of all classes (thieves, beggars prostitutes)
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