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University of Waterloo
Social Development Studies
SDS 131R
Theresa Romkey

Fascism  Roots: Extreme, one strong leader, focus on the nation  Military to show control: use kids and you men to sell their idea because they are the most malleable in society (through education system and media)  All parts of nation have a role (organic), need total leadership due to humans irrational, emotional nature, only one way to be (one nation, one state)  No need for democracy, one party run by military  Promote violence and war, gives a common group to hate, keep people in a state of fear to keep control  Maintain traditions (symbols and stories) and prevent social change  3 option economically  corporate business works with labour but still some government involvement  Still relevant in countries promoting anti-multicultural policies such as the Netherlands HIrrational and emotional Origins of the Change and violece State: based on accepted and power, coercion promoted and social fitness (the 'right' person) Core Beliefs Coropeative No individual Economy: the 3rd liberty and way Embrace inequality Community over the individual Benito Mussolini  Italian leader of the fascist party  Involved in labour strikes as a young person and also served in WWI  Had no issue with colonization and wanted to turn people into Italians  Wanted Italy to become an autarky o Economic policy the emphasizes self-sufficiency through the reduction of imported goods  How he did it Gets people to give Public works (gets government their people working) andgold for the good of agriculture programshe country to use in (farmers vote)et and limits industrial power) Pushed for partial Forced citizens to government co
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