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University of Waterloo
Social Development Studies
SDS 131R
Theresa Romkey

Feminism Beliefs and Arguments  Human nature is not one specific gender and instead there is a bit of male and female in everyone  State originated because of male dominance over women  State must include gender into the equation so all may achieve fulfilment  Both a united women of the world yet each can define your own version of feminism  Rights must be gender neutral  Very few people have died under this ideology, don’t like violence Sex and Gender  Sex: biological criteria (it is not dichotomous at least 3, male female and other)  Some have ambiguous genitalia: cannot tell by looking at it the gender, bits and parts from male and female genitals  Gender: configuration of behaviours and activities making you masculine or feminine (socially constructed)  Doing Gender: symbolic interactionism: gender inequality is realized through our daily activities in interactions with others (e.g. women moving out of the way for men on sidewalk) Feminist Theory’s Share…  Want to understand the understand why social institutions have gender bias  Gender relations are problematic and result in inequality  Gender relations are socially constructed  Feminist focus on politics and like social change  What equality rather than woman domination History of Waves  1 1848-1918: related to slavery movement and wanted women to have the vote ndo 1918 (important date) most women in Canada got the vote  2 1963-1980: civil rights and anti-war movements  3 1989-present: do it yourself movement with no cookie cutter image of feminist o Reclaiming language and adding the race element (women can be oppressed and be the oppressor) st nd rd Liberal Feminists (1 , 2 , 3 )  Mary Wollstonecraft (grandmother of feminism) wrote A Vindication for the Rights of Women and told men if you want smart children marry a smart woman and told the women to stop acting like you have no brain and educate yourselves  Focused on personal liberty: they wanted access (the vote)  Betty Friedan: highly education, married had kids was diagnosed with housewife fatigue (boredom) and was prescribed valium like many other women o Wrote The Feminine Mistique: the personal is political  1970 Royal Commission on the Status of Women asked women what
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