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Social Development Studies
SDS 131R
Theresa Romkey

Conservatism  Desire to conserve tradition or customary way of life  Resist sudden change because it only creates bigger problems  Replace social contract with customs and convention, rights with obligations, individualism with organic whole of society  Strong but small government  Human nature is corrupt and deeply flawed  The political philosophy of imperfection: were governing from reason  We’re not intellectually imperfect we are morally imperfect  Sometime when we think we’re doing something good but we’re actually doing more harm: example building schools in third world countries  Restraint through government but also institutions (religious, family, education)  Equality= political equality  Loves religion because it teaches people to be self-restraining and is the building block of society  Family or community will take care of you (sick, starving homeless) not the role of the government Central Components (Quinton)  Keeps with tradition and maintains practices and traditions  Politics of delay, wait to make a big change and think about why those laws or traditions were there in the first place  Society is a living organism that is interconnected
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