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University of Waterloo
Social Development Studies
SDS 150R
Peter Hymmen

January 15/13: Introduction to Theory and Models -Theory (more focus on singular): social phenomenon or problem, a larger perspective -Theoretical Framework: group of ideas used to explain phenomenon -Question: Why did people get to where we are? Carl Jung  Early psychoanalyst  Agreed mostly with Freud  Disagreed on sexual desires  Importance of collective unconscious  Extended development into late middle age  Spiritual world Stages: 1. Dawn – Childhood o Birth to adolescence o Dependent on others for care and nourishment o Emotional social and intellectual development o TASK: Emerge from universal unconsciousness  Human experience is dominated by the personal and collective unconsciousness (transpersonal)  Become self-aware and conscious of the real world 2. Morning – Youth o Puberty to adulthood o Realization that we cannot be children forever o TASK ONE: acquiring possessions: independence, marriage, family o TASK TWO: Psychological development: developing self-identity and consciousness 3. Noon – Midlife o Not technically a real stage 4. Afternoon – Maturity o Middle adulthood to old age o Realize we won’t live forever o Despite possessions: something is missing o TASK: Individualization  Integrating conscious and unconscious self  Become more introverted humanistic and spiritual 5. Evening – Old Age o Old age to death o Confront the end is near o Withdraw into more contemplative way of life: spiritual process o TASK: overcome fear of death  Deal with fear of dying by re-engaging the collective unconscious  Return to the unconscious preoccupation of childhood -Jung believed in some sort of re-incarnation Donald Super (1910-1994) -From development psychology and self-concept theory -Work in community as employment councillor (main focus)  somewhat traditional -Lifespan Stages (Can re-cycle through later on e.g. career change)  Growth 0-14: Attitudes, needs in childhood  Exploration 15-24: Focus on career  Establishment 26-44: Entry level skill building and stabilization in work expe
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