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Lecture 4

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Social Development Studies
SDS 353R
Geoff Malleck

Medieval Period (cont’d)  Tight swaddling is common - prevents from moving if mother leaves them in field to work - cry less  Babies left in same swaddling band for a week/longer  Use of wet nurses (hence, abandonment mode of child) - following 2-3 yrs of weaning, returned home  No emo/edu attachment until after first 7yrs as it was a period of disease - aar of neglect, possible reason for high mortality  General rule of Europe (rich/poor) to send children away from home for training/apprenticeships  Abandonment mode still exists today: - crib - baby monitor in room - powdered milk  Capability mattered more than age i.e. 38-yr-old who burned the bread beaten as an 8-yr-old would be  Freedom for children during MA b/c of little supervision (except when doing work) - ~ to children now (have TV/media to teach) Renaissance Period (14 -17 c.)  13 and 14 c.: rediscovery of classical works, dvlpmt of universities, growing humanism - rebirth = renaissance mvmt out of MA and flowering of new possibilities  Bubonic plague  ppl thought that maybe children were hope for future and that they had to take care of them more  Improving status of children aar of growing interest in Jesus’ childhood  17 c.: age of the whip; children’s wills needed to be broken - names became more important (rather than just being given name of dead sibling) - names were religiously affiliated - Protestant reform gave father more power (no more priest), and thus, child was of father and of God  Feudalism declined and capitalism flourished  Father became more responsible for well-being of family  Nothon of separation of work and home—father had wages for labour force  17 c
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