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Lecture 5

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Social Development Studies
SDS 353R
Geoff Malleck

Family Roles contd FathersUsed to be breadwinners and often primary disciplinarian now shared w mother TF more involved in childrens livesEngage child in active play more so than mother ily more nurturingChildrenig role of child as support for parents ie aar of absent parent more responsibilities around homeDelayed leaving homeGrandparentsMore ppl w grandparents for longer periods of time than ever beforeGrandparents ily more concerned for grandchildren seen in cases where grandparents go to court for custody of grandchildrenImplications of Other Changes for Childhood Divorce1901 fewer than half of 1 of CDNs were divorced1996 8 of tot CDN popn divorcedAt one time children always went to father considered his property1920s and 30s custody ily went to mother bc idea that children needed their mothersJoint custody reflects role of fathers and care for child that they have twobirth parents and shouldnt be separated from one for the other13 children whose parents have separated live in situation where no financial support agreement in placeChildren of divorced parents have greater risk of dvlpg problems than children whose parents remain together
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