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Lecture 6

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University of Waterloo
Social Development Studies
SDS 353R
Geoff Malleck

[ LECTURE 6 ] CHILDHOOD AND EDUCATION (THE CHILD AS STUDENT) Education and Childhood Socialization  Is transmission of culture—children passive; children are recipients of culture  Is process of becoming human—active notion tht it is child/newcomer who actively pursues this concept  Learn ways of social group to be able to f’n in it  What is learned: - skills and knowledge (i.e. in ancient times—hunting, and in our society—reading and writing) - values (i.e. rules of what is right/wrong in society) - concept of self  Agents of socialization: family, community, educational institution, church, peers, etc. Goals of Education  Rousseau: - calling for type of edu’ that is child-centered - thought that every young man/boy should have tutor, and tht tutor should respond to child’s curiosities - “I detest books. Reading is the scourge of childhood. Books merely teach us to talk about things we know nothing about.”  Aristotle: Should we train ppl to do things they use in life (job/moral/values training) or should we educate ppl for sake of edu itself? - still having this debate today Concept of Child A B Nature Inherently evil Inherently good Motivation Biological drives Social factors Educational goal Conformity Self-actualization View of socialization Difficult; evil must be curbed Easy b/c child is socially motivated  James Nelson (1768): “…give d
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