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Lecture 6

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University of Waterloo
Social Development Studies
SDS 353R
Geoff Malleck

Curriculum  Reflects society, values, goals, and concept of childhood - is it applicable in the world? i.e. subjects once taught in Latin as curriculum created for choir boys who sang songs in Latin  Changes over history - phys edu, arts, music, and geography once thought to be frivolous subjects - home economics added later, indicating institution dN think family edu’g child well enough in household areas  Specific subjects - sci, hist & geo important if one wants to know abt the world - reading and writing necessary for socialization into world  t/o NA, recognized tht edu must go beyond simply delivering instruction & info, no matter how effectively and efficiently they accomplish those goals - insufficient to meet needs of students who find little meaning/value in school exp’s, who are consumed w/ nonschool issues tht they are simply unable to take adv↑’s of opportunities tht school provides Methods Used to Teach  18 c.: teachers were to instruct in intellectual discipline and moral matters  1830s.: - female teachers replaced schoolmasters - better able than men to act w/ loving tenderness (new ideal of teacher at that time) - school should be more like home th  19 c.: teachers expected to take on role of parent and discipline child when necessary  Ontario expectations of teachers in early 1920s: - cannot go to beer/ice cream stores as it was inappropriate if their students saw them (many went out of town for these commodities) - female teachers could not teach if married, even if husband is not there to look after them if they were overseas in the army  Later, recognition of teacher’s freedom as people began to realize teachers have lives outside of the school - still seen as major importance in student’s life  Use of computers and technology - are we using computer technology not b/c it teaches best, but b/c we have lost wil
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