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Lecture 7

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University of Waterloo
Social Development Studies
SDS 353R
Geoff Malleck

Causes  Poverty biggest driving force  Money spent mostly on food, and thus, almost integral for child’s wellbeing to be working - vicious cycle  ¼ of world currently live on < $1/day  Children acc for 50% of world’s poor  Child labour will cont’ to expand as long as poverty exists - though not all poor children are working  Weight of local customs and traditions - children expected to play social role and/or follow family’s footsteps - aar, parents and children dN realize tht it is illegal or against interests of children  Fertility: - large household size associated w/ low enrolment in school and larger number in work force  Absence of universal, free, compulsory, and non-discriminatory primary schooling deprives children of best opportunities to avoid risks and deprivations associated w/ child labour  Social attitudes: - in almost all societies, certain groups suffer discrimination and some children treated more favourably than others - and favoured child given opportunity to go to school rather than work (such as boys over girls)  Corruption within local law enforcement agencies can hinder application and enforcement of laws  Finally child labour recognized as consequence and cause of poverty Efforts to End It  No simple quick fix  Nat’l and int’l policies and programs (implemented w/ assistance of int’l agencies such as UNICEF) - reorientation of attitudes and policies - new and practical ways of protecting children - eliminating most unacceptable of child labours w/in short period of time  Need for them to be comprehensive  Essential to set priorities as for which asp
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