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Lecture 8

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Social Development Studies
SDS 353R
Geoff Malleck

[ LECTURE 8 ] THE CHILD AT PLAY Play  Spontaneous activity of children; to occupy oneself in amusement, sport or other recreation  Must be: (1) voluntary; (2) intrinsically motivated; (3) involves some level of active (i.e. phys engagement) and (4) distinct from other beh’ by having make-believe quality  Involves free choice activity, non-literal, self-motivated, enjoyable, and process oriented - based on child’s sense of reality - not for reward/praise/food  Diff from last c. i.e. play in wilderness vs. video games  Criteria: 1.) Child is in charge of situation 2.) Child engaged in beh’ for sake of exp’/pleasure 3.) Child can freely pretend and engage in creative expression and beh’  Allows child to begin to understand the world; encourages problem solving; allows to simplify and deal w/ complex events in life; learn to interact in group setting; learn various social and cognitive skills  Children want to be adults, but don’t to beh’ like adults; adults want to be like children, but don’t want to be childish  Concepts of play: - old world view that it is a waste of time and
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