Lecture 2 I listened to the lecture and took down as much as I could and what I felt was important to know.

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University of Waterloo
Social Work (Social Development Studies)
Dale Payne

Lecture 2 Nature of Social Work and Conceptsactive and appliedvalues purpose and intervention techniquesinterventionsuniquetheories blend with other social sciencesinterested in assisting people in altering their livesexploring peoples issuesanalyze familiesmembers of a small group or individuals in common situations community groups are also analyzedSystem Theorynatural sciences not always perfectany individual or familygroup is always part of a bigger groupthings that affect one part affect all partschance may not occur in the personfamily but still affects them greatlylook for understandingsolutions of problemsImagery ex calm until rock hits water and causes rippled effect and spreadsalters all parts of the system interventions are often multiple and effects multiple parts of a systemex school environmentsthese can become a part of the changesattempt to achieve an equilibriumsocial systems ex familiesequilibrium can be negative ex a role of individual misbehavingtry to alter one piece but it takes the whole system to adjust social worker has to be aware of the change and how it will affect the whole systemassessments must get info on individualfamilygrou
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