Lecture 3 I listened to the lecture and took down as much a..
Lecture 3 I listened to the lecture and took down as much as I could and what I felt was important to know.

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University of Waterloo
Social Work (Social Development Studies)
Dale Payne

Lecture 3History of Social Work and Social WelfareEarly historical happenings BritainCanadaththBegin with the British system England 5 14 centuryat this point every necessity was all met within the confined area downside is lack of freedom people could not movechange occupation13 hundreds plague that hitknocked out 23 populationgovnt passed legislation to enforce the number of labourers farmers1349law set saying person must accept employment from anyone with any wade forbidden to leave the area to seek new workother members of population were not aloud to give aid foodmoney to people who could be workingultimately benefited the lord of kingdomthCatholic church role changed when King Henry 8 had disagreement with church of Romehe closed many of the monasteriestook lots of the wealthstResult of these the poor laws 1601 Elizabeth the 1were a series of acts by govnt to try and fix the need of aid of poor pplPrinciples that came out of Poor laws 19981Principle of less Eligibilityany type of financial assistance give to the poor in Britain had to be viewed as less desirable than the level of assistance gained solely by individual via work Should always be seen by the public better to work no matter the wadge is better than gaining assistance from others Result of public assistance is that men and their families were required to leave homes and go to work houses whe
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