Lecture 4 I listened to the lecture and took down as much as I could and what I felt was important to know.

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Social Work (Social Development Studies)
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Dale Payne

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LECTURE 4 Lecture Based On Social Work ValuesSocial work valuesExamine our own values and ethics before learning others ex ten commandmentsDo you follow rules Would you do anything for your best friend Worry of cheating Should your friend as you a bold question Complexity is always within our values what is when howValue Application in PracticeSeven Values whyhow we use them1 Acceptance Refers to the workerattitude that worker brings while working with the client Accept the person as a human and for who they are Allows the client to feel safe and open2 Permissiveness Refers to the client expression of feeling and is the result of what happens to the client when they realize worker is acceptance They reveal the truth to the worker and open up about behaviourfeelings The worker then listens attentively and is extremely evolved Both values are extremely helpful in the beginnings of the relationship Doesnt mean that social workers fully accept all clients and what is occurring they try to change that because its not necessarily correct3Controlled Emotional Involvement horizontal line which is meant to be at a controlled level and the two extremes are inappropriate Shows the involvement of the social worker Need to create distance but not too far distance allows for personal growth and accomplishmentsUnder Involved perfect Ove
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