SOCWK 120R Module 1

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Social Work (Social Development Studies)
Patrick Watson

1 SOCWK 120R Module 1 Introduction to Social Work Slides - Three levels of government participate in income security o Federal – old age security, Employment Insurance o Provincial – Ontario Works, Ontario Disabilities Program o Municipal – cost sharing with the province - Social welfare o Notion that the government is big and bad o Want people to be responsible for themselves - Social work – one professional group or activity that happens within the broader social welfare system - Two types of service providers in Canada o Public Welfare  Direct • government agency delivers service directly (ex: EI, Old Age Security) • occurs at municipal (police, community development), provincial and federal level of government  Non-governmental  arm’s length arrangement from government  service is funded by government for the most part  individual members appointed by government (ex: board of Children’s Aid Society) o Private Welfare  For-profit • most funding comes from other places with assistance from government (foodbank, counselling agencies) 2 • provides service but does not generate a profit, receives funds from government • operates under government regulations • receives funds from government and private sources  Not-forprofit • devolution of services -> push by government to get out of the business of providing services (health care, rehabilitation clinics) • provides services for a fee • may be purchased by individual or by the government on behalf of the individual • purpose is to generate a profit for the owners of the organization • ex: day care centers, nursing home - Approaches to Social Welfare o Residual  View from Post-War period and before the Depression  Attitude was that one needed to pick yourself up, need to turn to family for help  Government would only step in after individual had tried every available option  Government was very limited and a last resort o Institutional  Started in Post-War period (depression)  Awareness that something had to be done to ensure that there was a bottom below which n
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