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SOC 101: "100 Woman" Film Notes

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SOC 101
Sara Cumming

 People don’t feel it’s fair for a transgendered woman to win since she was born a man o She is not the same as all other women (body fat, muscle, etc.)  Physical advantage (weighs more, more strength)  Lost friends/damaged relationships b/c of her advantage/win  Seems like a regular girl in person, even though the fact that a transsexual racing seems unfair  It’s a “deep inside identity thing” – she felt she was somewhere between girls and boys ever since she was 5  She was just emulating male actions when she really didn’t agree with what she was doing  18 of 20 parents of transgenders disowned them  Any male advantage would go away after the procedure is complete (structure of skeleton doesn’t change, but musculature decreases) and if female sex hormones have been administered for years  You can’t make an absolute of what is a female thing and what is a male thing (there are always exceptions; some girls have more muscle tissue then men, and some men have more than women)  People suggest ther
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