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SOC 101: "Prom Night in Mississippi" Film Notes

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SOC 101
Sara Cumming

Prom Night in Mississippi  Separate proms (black and white) and separate homecoming queens  They go to school together, but have separate proms and everything  School board, parents want separate proms  Trying to change people that teach the kids, not trying to teach the kids (they have no problem with it)  They never really mingle as a whole; some are ok with races, some are racist  He is trying to allow the children to have social interaction (between white and black), and they will (no need to force)  Older people are racist (the parents/grandparents)  It’s 2008, yet people have the same attitude as 50 years ago  Children know that their parents are racist and they don’t necessarily agree with them, but they still love them  At the school, the white always win o The white kids could say whatever they liked and they were agreed with; whereas the black kids were supposed to stay quiet and were blamed  Some people decide not to go to the prom b/c they think it’s “not right”  Whites and blacks go to school together since kindergarden; why should they part at prom?  Most kids don’t seem to have a problem with other races, but their parents are the ones that seem to have a problem with different races and with their kids hanging around with those ppl  A lot of kids are raised by racist parents; some follow their parents, some do not  Glen Sumner (parent) = parent of a girl that has a black boyfriend o He doesn’t agree with it, he tried grounding her, but it hasn’t changed her decision o He says he’s not racist, when he clearly is o He believes she can’t see properly, when he’s the one that has the problem  Might be the fe
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