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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

Education February 13 2013 Education in Canada  Similar to US, UK, AUS, France  But very clear differences (culture, curriculum)  Institutions responsible for the transmission of knowledge skills, values and attitudes deemed desirable  Mass education system cam about during the 18 century when literacy skills became desirable for factory workers  Who decides what you need to know? Knowledge, skills, values  Formal Education regulated and organized by the state (ea. Province regulates it on its own)  Informal Education stresses societal norms and values, working to socialize History of Public Education  Molding the youth, attitudes and values rub off to parents: instill a positive patriotic value system in the population  Residential Schools o Earliest form of education o Re-socialize aboriginal people to become civilized  Mass Education o Industrialization and immigration o Education viewed as essential to economic development o Ontario first to offer free, compulsory education o Girls and boys education in different areas Education and the State  Aboriginal, ‘Indian’ Residential Schools in the U.S. and Canada  Based on Ward Churchill’s ‘Kill the Indian, Save the Man’ 2004  Wipe out the ‘unhuman’ Indian part and make them functional members of society Policies were to develop to:  Supplant the tradition mode of defining group members by genealogy (kinship)  Prohibit spiritual practices by compelling Christianity  Disperse native populations as widely as possible  Reshape tradition modes of governance  Take every aspect of what made an Indian an Indian and deconstruct that An initiative begun in bot US and Canada in the 1870s was to accomplish:  The development of residential schools was to endure for almost 100 years  Every single child was to be removed from his/her home, family, community and culture (everything that made them who they are)  This was to happen at the earliest possible age  Aboriginal children were to be held for years in state-sponsored educational facilities and systematically be decultured  In Canada the schools were known as residential schools in the US, boarding schools  Children were taught to see themselves in terms of the dominant society U.S  The head of the Us boarding school system was Captain Richard Henry Pratt in 1879  Pratt was an army captain and was once the warden of the Fort Marion military prison  Pratt was also the superintendent of the Indian Industrial School at Carlisle, Penn.  Boys and girls went to different institutions and used for labour (boys-lumber, girls- domestic)  After opening the model school in Carlisle, Pratt was able to resign his military commission and devote his time to ‘educating’ Indians  If you kill culture in young people, eventually the entire culture will die once the older generation dies off  To kill the Indi
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