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Mass Media Lecture Notes

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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

1 150 questions on scantrons - 2hrs MassMedia 1. Mass Media through Time - Mass Communication - the transmission of messages by a person or group through a device to a large audience - Mass Media - any medium designed to communicate messages to a mass audience - ~technology - Prehistoric Cave Art - Cuneiform, Hieroglyphics and the Alphabet - Block Printing to Movable Type - the printing press... print multiple copies that could be widely distributed - Newspapers - The Telegraph - The Phonograph - Moving Pictures - Radio - Television - The Internet 2. Mass Media Today! - Satellite TV and Radio -Cellphones - Text Messaging -Twitter - Blogs -Wikis - Podcasts -Youtube - Social networking sites 3. Harold Innis - ~focused on two main things: notion of space, notion of time - Every society needs to transcend what he called the problems of space and time - TimeBiasedMedia(Time-Based)-Are media that have longevity but whose form prevents their transmission over physical distance (cave art, hieroglyphics - carved into stones that you can’t carry around anywhere) - SpaceBiasedMedia- Can convey messages readily over physical distance - Our understanding is confined by our own culture’s bias toward specific forms of media - ~Are we more in favour of space or time biased? 4. Marshall McLuhan - Media influence the ways in which individuals, societies, and cultures perceive and understand their environments - Make visible what was invisible - “The medium is the message” - each medium influences the mind; not just the message that is important but also the manner in which it is conveyed - Look beyond simple message to the social influence of the medium itself - ie cells, changing kids behaviour - HotMedia- high definition, contain a great deal of information but usually involve only a single sensory organ (just listening in lectures, or just seeing by reading newspaper) 2 - Cool Media- low definition, involve less info and demands more participation from the audience (eg talking on the phone) 4. Canadian Content Legislation - Canadian content guidelines (CanCon) ~ protect canadian culture - 1. Providing a range of programming that reflect Canadian attitudes, opinions, ideas, values, and artistic creativity - 2. Displaying Canadian talent in entertainment programming - 3. Offering information and analysis concerning Canada and other countries from a Canadian point of view - ie. for music to qualify as Canadian content it must fulfill at least two of the four criteria: - 1. The music (M) is composed by a Canadian - 2. The artist (A) who performs the music is Canadian - 3. The production (P) of the music occurred in Canada (that is, the music was recorded in Canada) or the music is performed in Canada and broadcast in Canada - 4. The lyrics (L) are written by a Canadian - ie. Television content is treated in much the same way, a program must meet all three of the following criteria: - 1. The producer is Canadian - 2. Key creative personnel are Canadian - 3. 75% of service costs and post production lab costs are paid to Canadians - Television stations and networks must achieve and annual Canadian content level of - 1. 60% ov
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