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SOC 101: Still Killing Us Softly Video Notes

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University of Waterloo
SOC 101
Sara Cumming

Still Killing Us Softly KNOW What does advertising sellHow are men and women depicted Apply any theory of our choice to the films and concepts we learned in class adds sell more than productsThey sell values they sell images they sell concepts of love and sexuality of success and perhaps most important of normalcyTo a great extent they tell us who we are and who we should be What does advertising tell us about women it tell us as it always has that whats most important is how we lookSo the first thing that advertisers do is surround us with the image of ideal female beautyWomen learn from a very early age that we must spend enormous amounts of time energy and above all money striving to achieve this look and feeling ashamed and guilty when we failAnd failure is inevitable because the ideal is based on absolute flawlessnessShe never has any lines or wrinklesShe certainly has no scars or blemishesIndeed she has no poresAnd the most important aspect of this flawlessness is that it cannot be achieved no one looks like this including herthe supermodel Cindy Crawford once said I wish I looked like Cindy Crawforda look thats been created through airbrushing cosmetics photoshop computer retouching the image isnt real its artificial its constructedBut real women and girls measure ourselves against this image every single day impossible ideal for everyone especially for women who arent white ideal image affects womens selfesteem and influences how men feel about the women they are with when men are exposed to these ideal images of women they judge real women much more harshly turning human beings into things person is dehumanized women are objectified when men are objectified bodies dismembered in ads they are seen as shocking and get national media coveragemen and women inhabit very different worlds this would rarely happen to men but so often happen to womenmen dont live in a world in which their bodies are routinely scrutinized criticized and judged whereas women and girls do basically were told that women are acceptable only if theyre young thin white lightskinned perfectly groomed and polished plucked and shavedfear of aging since your worth depends on how you look women have been made to feel ashamed of eating increasing sexualization of little girls
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