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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Notes Full in-depth analysis of complete lecture 4 notes with chapters 6 and 7 overview included from "Introduction to Sociology"!!!!

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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

SOC 101001 Lecture 4 SOCIOLOGY Lecture 4 Chapter 6 and 7 Wednesday October 13 2010George Herbert MeadI the element of the self that is spontaneous creative impulsive and at times unpredictableMe helps to control the I the selfreflective part of the consciousness that thinks about how to behave Significant others those around us whom we want approval from parents peers etcGeneralized other the attitudes viewpoints and expectations of society that are internalizedRoletaking process of mentally assuming the perspective of anotherMEADS DEVELOPMENT OF SELFPreparatory Stage birth to age 3Play Stage ages 35Game Stage elementary school years o Primary Socialization o Secondary SocializationSYMBOLIC INTERATIONISM CONTD Looking Glass CooleyThe imagination of our appearance to the other personThe imagination of his judgment of that appearanceSome sort of selffeeling such as pride of mortification PSYCHOSOCIAL DEVELOPMENT SIGMUND FREUD Elements of personalityThe idThe superegoThe egoERIK ERIKSON 8 Stages of Development1 Infancy Birth to 18 Months o Ego Development Outcome o Basic Strength2 Early Childhood3 Play Age 35 years4 School Age 612 years5 Adolescence 1218 years6 Young Adult7 Middle Adult8 Late AdultAgents of Socialization FamilyMass mediaThe peer groupSchoolReligion
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