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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Notes Complete, in-depth analysis of lecture 5 notes + overview of chapter 8 in "Exploring Sociology"!!!!

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University of Waterloo
SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

SOC 101001 Lecture 6 Lecture 5 Social Inequality Gender Chapter 8 Wednesday October 20 2010SEXGENDER Sex Biologically rooted describes our physical bodies whereby distinguish between male and female Social scientists categorize based on binaries implying diametrical opposites opposite sex o Notion that our understanding of humanness that we are different male or female GenderSocially constructed what makes us males and females is a socially constructed thing that we do make males and females Characteristics associated with girls and boys men and women Nature vs Nurture Society shapes gender within humansMasculinityfemininity Males and females do things differently Why Also suggests binary oppositionPROBLEMATIZING SEXGENDER DISTINCTION Intersexed individuals Born with ambiguous genitalia penisvaginaHow do we decide who is male and who is femaleTransvestite and Transsexual individuals TransgenderTranssexualTransvestite The Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie MASCULINITYFEMININITY Hegemonic Masculinity Connell 1987Ideal of masculinity that men are supposed to strive to achieveDerives from GramsciIrrevocably tie to heterosexuality either one or the otherEmphasized FemininityBased on womens compliance with their subordination to men Requires women to be supportive enthusiastic and sexually attractiveREPRODUCING GENDER Agents of socialization FamiliesGender expectations begin at birthChildrearing practices are deeply gendered different ways parents interact with girls than with boysParents spend more time talking to girls while leaving boys alone punish their sons more often than daughters Gendered divisions of household labour Children notice division a young age
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