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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 Notes Complete notes from Lecture 6 + continued notes from chapter 8 of "Exploring Sociology"!!!

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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

SOC 101001 Lecture 6 Social Inequality continuedWednesday October 20 2010SOCIALOGICAL APPROACHES TO STRATIFICATION Functionalism social class and hierocracy allow society to work Social class is functional it worksis necessaryDavisMoore thesis 1945 Social inequality serves important social functionHard work and ability Critiques Social status is often hereditary families have ranksSubstantial discrimination not okay because it implies all sorts of discrimination based on occupation gender race ethnic background How do you change your social status Functionalists believe that there is inequality however social class can be changed by working hard Market forces Social inequality in the extreme people living in mansions vs people living under bridgesConflict Theory social class is complex and hereditary Hard time changing social class Social classes are a manifestation of completion between the haves and the havenotsArgue that were in conflict with one another for scarce resources Karl Marx two classesowners of means of production and those who sell their labour economic means of production bourgeoisie and proletariatMax Weber counter to Marxs a
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