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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 Notes - Crime, Law, and Deviation Complete in-depth analysis of topics, lecture, and unit

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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

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SOC 101001 Lecture 10 Deviance CriminalityRegulation Wednesday November 17 2010Who Goes to JailGovernment wants to make more jails in order for people to report crime more oftenBuilding more jails in CanadaUnited States is the worlds leading jailer still have death penalty Russia South Africa Europe Canada Australia JapanRacial Profiling Occurs in the USAWhen a police officer stopsQuestions arrestsSearches someone solely on the basis of the persons race or ethnicityREGULATIONSurveillance Youth juveniles convictedIs not a neutral ideaIn Canada Aboriginal offenders are more than twice as likely to be incarcerated than nonAboriginal offendersAboriginals accused are more likely to be denied bailMore time is spent in pretrial detention by Aboriginal people Aboriginal accused are more likely to be charged with multiple offences and often for crimes against the system Aboriginal people are more likely not to have legal representation at court proceedings Aboriginal people often plead guilty because they are intimidated by the court and simply want to get the proceedings over withOverrepresentation of Aboriginal persons in federal prison population is worsening many parts of Canada many native Canadian prisonersAboriginal persons represent 2 of the adult population in Canada 11 19919215 19969717 1998The USA has racial profiling however Canada still discriminates Increase in enforcement also an increase in Aboriginal sentence admissions as years go onSaskatchewan incarcerates the most Aboriginals in Canada 72 CRIMEDEVIENCEWhat is CriminologyThe body of knowledge regarding crime as a social phenomenon It includes within its scope the process of making laws breaking laws and reacting towards the breaking of laws SutherlandCressey 19603 CrimeDesignates certain behaviours and actions that require social control and social intervention codified in law Law and society how crime is defined understood how we control it what works and what doesnt workCanadian government punishment model as a solution want to build more prisons in Canada and sentence definite terms and keep them in prison however research shows it doesnt work ie America a lot of crime still occurs
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