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Lecture 3

Lecture Note 3 Week 3

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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

What are the Modern Social Theories? • Western Marxism • Feminist Theories (micro issues and macro issues) • Post-structuralism • Queer Theory • Post-Colonial Theory • Anti-Racist Theories Western Marxism • Antonio Gramsci o Diverged from Marx in his analysis of how the ruling class ruled o Domination; physical and violent coercion o Hegemony; ideological control and manipulation  Society’s dominant ideas reflect the interests of the ruling class  Involves consent Feminist Theories • Core concern for gender oppression • Women and men should be equals • Men have social power and thus an interest in maintaining their social privilege over women • Dorothy Smith (micro) o Sociology for women o If women are trying to understand the social world of women, the feminist must develop special an specific to the very life of women o The Everyday World as Problematic  Begins in the ‘actualities’ of people’s lives, and addresses problems of how we are influenced by “extra-local” relations  Everyday world  Standpoint theory (point of view of women in that world) • bell hooks o Black feminist thought o Rarely recognized black women as separate from black men o hook argues against universal assumptions about women’s experiences Post-Structuralism • Concerned with how knowledge is socially produced • Michel Foucault o (Power, Knowledge and Discourse) o Power created within social relationships, multidimensional found everywhere and always at work o Knowledge can never be separated from relations of power o Discourses guide how we think, act and speak  Tell us how the world is and how it ought to be Queer Theory • Problematizes th
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