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Lecture 3

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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

PseudoSurveysPseudo surveys refer to those done for purposes other than social scientific researchA questionnaire is any set of questions administered to a group of people whereas a survey is a properly designed set of questionsExampleWhat type of vehicle do you ownVanSUVSedanThis question has the same problem What if the respondent owns a truck hybrid convertible crossover motorcycle or no vehicle at all Make sure the question has an answer for everybodyIt is often difficult to pose unambiguous questions that may be interpreted differentlySociologists must avoid doublebarrelled questions and take care when posing threatening questionsPositioning respondents at a distance and placing potentially threatening questions near the end of the survey are useful strategies for dealing with threatening questionsRand sampling sample size and response ratesIn order to make statements about a large population sociologists may draw a random sample of that population to minimize intentional and unintentional biasA random sample is one in which everyone in the population has an equal chance of being selectedAlthough sample size is an important aspect of sampling the manner in which it is chosen is vital to having confidence in research findingsThe ability to generalize is also affected by the response rate This refers to the number of people in the sample who respond to the surveyField researchWhile the primary goal of surveys is to collect data that can be generalized to a larger populationThe main goal of qualitative research is to generate rich data no easily captured by other meansField research includes participant observation or ethnographyEthnographic or Participant observation researchParticipant observation is also known as ethnography
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