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SOC 101Nov 12 2013FamilyThe Perfect ProposalMarrying and DivorcingMarriage to divorce ratio is 21 In Canada the marriage rate is 46 marriages per 1000 peopleyear Divorce rate is 22 per 1000 peopleyear graphed as rate in 1000s y axis vs year x axismore marriages in population than divorced In Canada in 2006 approx 50 of the population were marriedAverage age to get married is 29 If you look at age 29 and up 74 are married in Canadaof adult population are married Number of divorced is steady at about 5UK marriage is a behaviour represented by upper social classes then lower classesCohabitation with children occurs more in lower classeseconomic correlation between marriage and social class marriage persistsWe continue to do the legal formal religious thing We have upper classed marriagethe ideal marriageThe perfect proposal so much of wedding comes from flowers and cakes rather than the relationship between them the story Hollywood gives us gets into our brainsa Psychologist says Falling in love is a genetic trick it allows us to make a decision that no one in their right mind would make An illusion that falli
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