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Socialization Notes

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University of Waterloo
SOC 101

SOC 101SocializationChocolate chip sociologyHow do we learn to make chocolate chip cookiesDurkheim To love society is the love something beyond us and something in usSOCIALIZATIONthe lifelong social experience by which individuals develop their human potential and learn the patterns of their culturePERSONALITYa persons fairly consistent patterns of thinking feeling and actingKnowledge comes through socialization personality through experiencesTHREE THEORIES OF SOCIALIZATIONa EnvironmentalPsychoanalytical theory Personality is expresseddevelopedsocializedthrough the resolution of various conflicts that occur in early childhood usually they remain with us through life Froid Yung Adler Rogers INTERACTION WITH OTHERSFroid Medicine to neurology to psycho analysis Confronted by cases of dysteria wanted to create a talking cure Froid said that personality develops in early lifePersonality driven by 2 drives Eros deathbonds us to others thanatosdeathsolves tension between us Froid argues that personality is made of 3 entities Super ego values and principles of society eg norms beliefs values ego resolves tension between our appetite and societies norms and values id grasping own appetiteORAL period 018monthsbreast feeding motherchild bondChild afraid that object feeding them will disappearLearn to assert our self cry for attention to get resolve in satisfactionAN
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