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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

CHAPTER 6Lifelong process by which we learn our culture develop our personalities and become Socialization functioning members of societyBecoming Human we are the only animals that can think about thinkingNature vs NurtureTwo basic approaches to understanding how we develop our personalities individuals relatively stable pattern of behaviours and feelings and become members of the larger society 1 The biological Approach nature our actions and feelings stem from out biological roots 2 Environmental Approach Nurturewe are the product of our Socializationy Our sense of the world and ourselves is held to be the result of Social Interaction all of the ways that people interact in social settings while recognizing each persons subjective experiences andor intentionsThe nature Argument Being Born You y Genetic makeup y assumed to be more important in determining the person you become However they also appreciate that biology explains some aspects such as athletic ability and intellectual capacityy Men and women have different brain structuresinfluence responses to the world o Women have 11 more neurons than men o Hippocampus is larger in women principle hub for emotion and memory formation o 2times the brain space devoted to sexual drive as well as larger brain centers for action and aggression y Sociobiology uses evolutionary theory and genetic inheritance to examine the biological roots of social behavior o Edward O Wilson book applies Darwinian inheritance to show how human behaviours are selected for and passed on from one generation to the next o Social behavior among humans has evolved over time to secure the survival of the species Gatherer o The most important achievement for an organism is to leave as many offspring as possible fetchenhauerbuunk o Argues that for example the physical and behavioural differences we see in women and men today are the result of millions of years of natural selectionNOW CALLLEDy Evolutionary psychology form of sociobiologyDarwinian inheritance can explain contemporary human behaviory examine the biological roots of the social behavior y secure the survival of the species o John Patton evolution explains why the Achuar have high murder rates it is a part of their culture to kill o Victor Nell can explain why young men are more likely to drive faster than women and older men Argues that when young men reach the mating and fighting age 1620 their sense of invincibility is at an alltime highThe Nurture Argument Learning To Be You y what happens to young children when isolated from human contact y Social isolation and feral Children wild page 143 y 5 year old Anna left isolated was tied to a chair undernourished and could barely stando Was born out of wedlock to a mentally handicapped mother and kept in the attic by her grandfather because of her illegitimacy o Being deprived of human contact resulted in her inability to talk walk or do anything that demonstrated basic intellectual capacityKinsley Davis o Davis worked with her for two years and taught her how to do simple things such as walk eat dress herself However at age 9 she was only 13m tall and 27kg At age 10 she died of a blood disorder She only progressed to intellectual capacity of a 2year old y 5 year old Jeffrey Baldwin found in his room dead 95kg less than a meter tall died of malnutrition and neglect Both grandparents sentenced to life imprisonment 6 other adults in house and 5 other healthy children y Social reality is constructed by people every time they interact with others Our genetic makeup gives us the capacity to be social beings but it is the process of social interactionnurture that enables us to develop that capacityDevelopment of self Sociological Insights y Self composite of thoughts and feelings from which we derive out conception of who and what we are Ones identity comprises a set of learned values and attitudes that develops though social interaction and defines ones selfimage o Key part of personality y SelfImage an introspective composition of various features and attributes that we see ourselves asImagining How Others See Us CH Cooley y To be aware of oneself one must be aware of society Self consciousness and social consciousness are inseparable because people cannot conceive of themselves without reference to others Self is the result of social interaction y imagine imaginations Sociologists cannot understand the social world until they could project themselves into the minds of others and see the world like they did sociological perspectiveGeorge Herbert Mead y I the element of the self that is spontaneous creative impulsive and at times unpredictable o consciousness responds to things emotionally y ME helps to control the I the selfreflective part of the consciousness that thinks about how to behave o helps control spontaneous impulses of the Iy Significant others People we want to impress or gain approval from those around us parents peers etc y Generalized other A compilation of attributes associated with the average member of society represents an individuals appreciation that other members of society behave within certain socially accepted guidelines and rules o The attitudes viewpoints and expectations of society that are internalized y Role Taking assuming the position of another to better understand that persons perspective o Critical for empathizing with another persons situation
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