SOC101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Genetically Modified Crops, Bovine Somatotropin, Carbon Footprint

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SOC 101 - Week Twelve Notes
How does society’s relationship with the environment vary?
-Society’s relationship with the environment changes over time.
-Conditioned by dominant society’s cultural ideologies and beliefs.
-Societal relationship with environment = in flux, varies b/w time and culture
-Beliefs are tied to value we place on certain aspects of environment
-Allergies never existed before, and we need to as ourselves what has changed
Post-industrial Culture – we are trying to improve relationship with
environment, trying to clean up and reduce negative impact (Carbon
What are 3 of the main cultures pertaining to the environment?
1. Hunter-and-Gatherer Cultures:
oNomadic lifestyle, minimal change to environment because it would
threaten people’s ability to survive
2. Farming Cultures:
oGenetically modified crops (GMO).
oRequired more control of environment on our part
oLed to destructive behaviour (clear cutting forests, pesticides)
3. Industrial and Post-Industrial Cultures:
oCarbon footprint
oReflective of fact that cities have started to take over farmland and farms
are very much manufacturing machines (large-scale)
oNo longer selling/growing a variety; specialize in one specific aspect now
What are the 2 types of carbon footprints?
1. Primary Footprint = measurement of direct emissions of Co2 (burning of
fossil fuels – driving car, furnace, shower)
2. Secondary Footprint = measurement of indirect emissions of CO2
(measurements of lifestyle – do you eat healthy, purchase items with lots of
packaging, compost)
What 2 items foes Canada consume a lot of?
-Gas and Oil
So what’s the deal with “crack for cows”?
-Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone = Hormone helps cows increase
milk production supply by 10-15% but decreases nutritional content and
sharply increases risk of cancer and other diseases – esp. for children
-Already banned in most industrializations but approved in the US
-Made by inserted gene from cows in E. Coli
-Milk from treated cows have shown to have much higher concentrations of
IGF-1, and that is the problem
(= Example of creating and contesting issue)
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