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Lecture 3

Who are the Victims: Week 3 SOC 201

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SOC 201
Barry Mc Clinchey

Sept 24, 2013 SOC201:VictimsandSociety WhoaretheVictims? - a look at victimology theory Victimology emerged as a scientific subject of study right after WWII - with the research of Mendelsohn and Von Hentig victimology became a distinct field of study from criminology Early Theories focused on typologies of crime victims (grouping ppl into categories) - a focus on the ways in which a victim may contribute knowingly or unknowingly to his/her victimization - many victimization theories attempted to explain variations in victimization risks In Theoretical Criminology, Vold categorized theories that relate to victimology Spiritual Explanation: - natural disasters were considered a result of interference from the spirit world - when harm was a result of human action, justice centered around revenge Classical Criminology: - emerged from the Age of Enlightenment (around 1700’s) - humans needed to be protected against the oppression of existing institutions (justice system) These new ways of thinking about an individual’s relationship with the state - were influenced by the writings of Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu and Roussequ - Ceasare Bonesana Marches de Beccaria’s wrote, On Crimes and Punishment (1764) - all men are capable of committing crime - society has an interest in maintaining order - anti-social behaviour needs to be controlled - punishment must be used to deter crime However, punishment must be proportional to the crime - in 1766, Beccaria’s work was condemned by the Roman Catholic Church - However, in
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