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Lecture 5

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SOC 201
Barry Mc Clinchey

Lecture 5 Wednesday, October 16, 2013 9:48 PM General Deterrence  Others learn of someone being punished  Deterrence is a mind set that people come to believe  Fear they may also be punished for the same offence Effectiveness of Punishment o Clarity of Punishment  Punishment needs to occur in close time proximity to the event o Certainty of Punishment  No leniency; you do this, you get this  Inconsistency reduces effectiveness and will result in a weakness of deterrence o Severity of Punishment  Crime has to fit the punishment  Too much or too little can weaken deterrence Assumptions about the Victim o Deterrence is the key to reducing behaviours resulting in victimization o Victims are active and acted upon by victimizers o Assumes that all people are rational o Assumes the victim holds some degree of power over the events leading to victimization Situational Transaction Theory  Erving Goffman (1963) influenced such explanations as  David Lickenbill's Situational Transaction theory o Seeks to locate crime in time and space o Participates interact in a common physical territory o The outcome is determined by action and reaction o Before the event, both participants have the potential to be either victim or offender  Assumptions o Victim insults the honour of offender o The offender finds the action offensive o Eventually, the offender reacts o The eventual victim responds aggressively o The two parties enter into a physical exchange during which the eventual victim is stabbed, short and otherwise injury  Feminist Explanations of Crime o Attempt to reveal the gendered patterns of crime and victimization o Emphasize the lack of adequate explanations of crime and victimization offered by male- dominated criminology thinking Labelling Theory  Lemert (1951)  Explaini
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