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Lecture 6

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SOC 201
Barry Mc Clinchey

Lecture 6 Wednesday, October 16, 2013 9:48 PM 1. Feminist/Critical Explanation o Focus on power o Conflict does not mean two people physically fighting o Disputes are often a result of power dynamics o Why are homicides mostly committed by men  Feminists would argue its because men have more power o Women have different homicide victim patterns than do men o Hate crimes o e.g. Montreal Massacre 2. Multiple Homicide Victims o Mass murder  Murder of many people in one event with little times between murders  e.g. Montreal massacre o Spree murder  Actual events are separated in time and usually space  Case such as individual who kill family and move on to a workplace to continue killing o Serial murders  Colonel Russell Williams 3. Casare Lombrosso, 1876 o Criminality is inherited; it built into you; you have a certain look if you are a criminal; "The Criminal Man" o Criminals can be identified by physical defects  Large jaw  Sloping forehead  High cheekbone  Flattened or upturned nose  Hawk-like nose  Fleshy lips Who faces the greatest risk of being a victim of homicide?? o US murder rate is about 4.8/ 100,000 o A person's sex is a crucial determinant o 77% of victims of murders are male; unchanged since 1960s o 9/10 of known offenders are men (male on male)  Can be argued as a gendered event When race is examined in the USA 4. The categories are: o White, black, and other (most Hispanics count as white) o 47% were black victims, 3% unknown o 13% of the American population counts themselves as black o More murders are INTRAracial -> from the same race o The risk of being murdered peaks during early adulthood By Sex (Cooper and Smith, 2011) 5. Males make up nearly 90% of accused murders 6. Victims are most likely to be males 7. Females rarely ki
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