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Fraud and Abuse

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SOC 201
Barry Mc Clinchey

Fraud and Abuse - Hidden victims - Vulnerability and victimization can occur on non-public spaces - Observing risk changes according to age and other demographic factors - Risk of victimization over the life course o Being more susceptible at certain points in our lives o i.e. grandparent fraud, facebook (identity) fraud, travelling risks/factors, corporate/investment fraud The Criminal Event Perspective 1. Events leading up to the transaction 2. The actual victimization event 3. The variations and nature of the aftermath Weighing the Risk - Are children in 2013 more at risk in their own neighbourhoods than children were in the 1970s? - How does the actual risk measure against the perceived risk? - Western cities in Canada have higher homicide rates than larger eastern countries Our own Victimization - Highest when we are young and declines over the years o Under the control of more people/seen as property o i.e. high risk in child abuse (sexual abuse/pornography/neglect)  Child abuse: deliberate act/set of actions causing maltreatment Bu
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