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Aftermath and Recovery

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SOC 201
Barry Mc Clinchey

Aftermath and Recovery - the after effects of a criminal event can last for an extended period of time - effects of criminal events vary from individual to individual - these effects can depend on: o type of event o intensity of the event – emotions attached, vulnerability, fear o duration of the victimization o available of support services o previous victimization experience o injury suffered by the victim o loss of property o response of the police – nature of response to certain crimes o consequences of the offender – justice/sense of closure o subsequent fear – sense of violation to security Reporting to the Police - victim may be vulnerable by the investigation and justice process - fear of further victimization - investigations may add to negative experience – mistrust - victim receive some degree of the blame (secondary victimization) Sexual Assault and Secondary Victimization - this type of violent is treated differently from physical assault because of the sexual component - frequently consent is considered as possible part of the event - desire on part of the victim is considered o the believability of the victim is a factor - how and when the victim reports the event is often a factor o establishing degree of innocence - further the victim moves away from expected reactions, the less they are believed - dealing with victims of sexual assault, special training is provided Fear of Crime and Victimi
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