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SOC 201
Barry Mc Clinchey

Reaction to Victimization: Stress Stage 1 - Release of adrenaline - Increase heart rate - Increase in breathing rate Stage 2 - Stored fats and sugars are released from your body’s stores - Feelings of being driven, pressured, and tired may be experienced - Behaviour may change to compensate – you may drink more coffee, smoke more, and drink more alcohol than usual - You may experience anxiety, forget things, or become ill easier Stage 3 - You may become chronically stressed - You may experience insomnia - Make more errors than usual - Undergo personality changes - Become more vulnerable to chronic illness General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) - Consistent patterns in which everyone generally behaviours in stressful situations - Stage 1: Alarm o “Fight or flight” o Body becomes energized, highly alert - Stage 2: Resistance o While you are being threatened, you react in ways where – increased energy becomes normal, you adjust to the threat - Stage 3: Exhaustion o High energy levels can not be sustained o Body becomes exhausted and the person “gives up” o Lazarus and Folkman (1984) – “cognitive appraisal” involves assessment of the situation o Stress is not a property of the person – it’s a process, looking at fear and stress as a process that people
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