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UNDERSTANDING VICTIMIZATIONthe ability to clearly define the term victimmakes studying the complexities of victimizationa clear working definition is critical to studying the complexities of this subjetTHREE CONCERNSoDefinitions of victims including types of victims finding victimsoThe availability of dataoUnderstanding the challenges in studying victimsBATHURST NB CRASH 2008oTeam coming home from a basketball gameoCrashed and killed themoThe people who died at victims but not the only victimparents are victimspartnerssiblingsfriendsclassmatesAll those who experienced harmWe can begin by identifying the eventoThere will be individuals who clearly identify themselves as victims and recognize themselves as victimsoThese same individuals will also be identified by others as victimsoWe will refer to these individuals as Primary VictimsSecondary victimsoImmediate friends and familyoEmotionally close to the primary victimoOften the first to be with him or heroOften an active part of the recovery processoThe social emotional proximity of the secondary victim allows responses of hurt or harmTertiary victimsoIndividuals who are not close to the primary victimsoOften these victims are members of the primary victims larger communityoMany people are emotionally moved by the circumstances of the primary victimsoThey represent event outcomes
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