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Lecture 6

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2 short answerstheoriessocial perspectivesFactual statementswhat does this theory meanFEMINISTCRITICAL EXPLAINATIONSDisputes are often a result of power dynamics why are homicides committed mostly by menWomen have very different homicide victims patterns than do menHate crimeshard to proveharsh penaltyEg montreal massacreMultiple Homicide VictimsMass murdersMurders of many people in one event with little time between murdersSpree murdersoccur when many people are killedtime and space separationCase such as individuals who kill family and move on to a work place to continue killingSerial murdersColonel Russell WilliamsoEsculated from stealing underwear to murdersRobert pictonCesare LombrossoCriminality is inhreritedPeople are born criminalCriminals can be ID by physical defectsoLarge jawsoSloping foreheadoHigh cheek bonesoFlattened or upturned noseoHawklike noseoFleshy lipsWho faces the greatest risk of being a victim of homicideOverall us murder rate is about 48100 000A persons sex is a crucial determinant77 of victims are maledidnt change since 1960910 known offenders were teenage boys or menmen on menWhen females are killed92 were victims of males
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