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Lec 03 - socio - globalization n work.docx
Lec 03 - socio - globalization n work.docx

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University of Waterloo
SOC 205
Richard Ennis

Lec 03 Thursday January2612 Globalization Apple had 2months of inventory The regionalization of the world tradeslide 7TQMtotal quality management acquired by the JapaneseResist TQM because it allows them to cooperate with the management Worker management hostility or imperism Electronic surveillancebig companies are watching you cameras are watching you but they are not allowed to do that in washrooms It is against privacy rightsThe companies did not have cameras in cubicles Guys were protected but not guys Guys only go to cubicles for number 2and women go often An option refers to the design of early prisons there would be a guard tower and they could see prisoners at all times the purpose is that if u are being watched you are more likely to behaveAWTactual working time is a form of electronic surveillanceentering data into electronic computer if your job is to sit there and entre data into computer usually electronic puts software into the computer to check if you are working or notSo if u stop they would know Ex if u are supposed to work 127 Thats a 7 hour shift but instead u work 5 hours they would know This tool is a way for workers not to slack off The political left argues that the economic globalization argues that it is democratically electedFinancial mussle of these huge undermines the nation stateCritics say it is not accountable to workers Keep in mind that its an argument more to the left national government loose power to international capital Economic uses becomes Free trade In earlier times National government were able to protect domestic industry and jobsEx free tradeprotectionismyou protect home grown industries Governments lose the ability to protect jobsNational government has to be careful about international work they cant be too strict otherwise it will drive them away Because if u have too much it will cost a lot Lax environmental laws
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