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SOC 222
Allison Chenier

CH. 7 Textbook February-05-13 2:37 PM Assumptions of Interpersonal & Situational theories of delinquency: 1. Human behaviour is flexible not fixed - Behaviours change according to circumstances or situations 2. Neither the delinquent nor the society is "bad" - Delinquency arises from the same social conditions as non-delinquent behaviour  Possible for the same person to be committingboth behaviours 3. Most delinquent behaviour is committedin a gang or group context - Situations fluctuate and situational factors but the general setting will typically include group norms and behavioural patterns *Both peer association and situational factors might independently lead to delinquent acts *The behaviour is delinquent NOT the person _____________________________________________________________________________________ Differential Association - Edwin Sutherland - Most well known interpersonal theory of delinquency • Assumptions: - All behaviour is learned - Therefore all delinquent acts are learned - The learning of delinquent acts takes place in small groups - Small, informal group settings - Learning delinquent behaviours develops from collective experiences as well as specific current situations • Differential Association - a youth commitsan act of delinquency in response to an excess of attitudes f
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