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SOC 223
Robert Prus

Subcultural Ventures Thursday, March 14, 2013 12:29 PM Lecture and Reading Notes: Fredrick Thrasher An account of people's experiences in group settings Labeling "gangs' and "individual participants' as delinquent or gang members is not something to be understood as abstract but represents a series of processes  Gang life is a process, activities, interchanges, and identities  How you express things How others perceive the groups Dont start out as a "gang"  Doesnt become a gang till it is looked at as a deviant thing Envisions gang contexts as setting in which people develop meaning with life-world in association with others  Its an interactive setting  In which people define self  Even in a group, people argue and fight but you dont see this till you are in the group itself The images that become associated with specific groups and the implications of these images for people's reactions Does not look at them as "disturbed personalities" but as meaningful and enabling features of group life  Subcultures also work as people trying to get rid of deviance Envisions groups as offering participants ways of achieving freedoms, pursuing entertainment and developing and maintaining a sense of self in the community Starting with the explanation of group process, we will explain the matters of people establishing or generating associations, objectifying or achieving viability of those groups in the community, and dealing with outside members of specific associations. Group Process Interactionist literature provides some particularly valuable accounts of the processes through which groups become constituted, are sustained, and attempt to manage their presence in the broader community Subcultures have a rather precarious existence amidst an assortment of relationships, activities, and exchanges involving both insiders and outsiders Research on subcultures is hard because scholars have to immerse themselves into these groups, this might be potentially dangerous It is necessary to directly examine the matters of people developing and maintaining subcultures Establishing Associations  the matter of establishing associations cuts across all realms of human associations (etc gang, or committee)  This makes it not just limited to deviant subcultures Deviance relative to audience viewpoints/definitions All of these aspects of group life represent reference points for defining membership status  People then that do not share these notions may be looked at as outsiders, also insiders fall to maintain the group viewpoints When people are rejected they may develop other associations, which may be deviant The following subheadings are notions necessary for understanding the emergence and development of subcultures Subheadings: Forming Groups  Come into being when two or more people begin to attend to one another in some manner  One or more parties have to take some initiative in establishing the association  It is not to be assumed that people in the situation at hand are equally interested in associating with one another or that they will maintain these interests over time  Enterprise/cooperation/ resistance/continuity/ disjuncture  Sub-processes of Grouping  Anticipating the value of association  Involving others- recruiting others (who's recruiting who)  Providing rationale  Identifying participants- who is part of the group  Hotel: spend a lot of time trying to find out who everybody is  Arranging for communications  Pursuing resources  E.g. Bottle-gang  Alcoholics all take turns buying or panhandling for bottles of wine and they all share the bottle together  Rule violation would be if the person whose turn it is to buy the bott
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