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SOC223 Lecture Notes - Biker Bar, Lifeworld, Railways Act 1921

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Robert Prus

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Subcultural Ventures
Thursday, March 14, 2013
12:29 PM
Lecture and Reading Notes:
Fredrick Thrasher
An account of people's experiences in group settings
Labeling "gangs' and "individual participants' as delinquent or gang members is not
something to be understood as abstract but represents a series of processes
Gang life is a process, activities, interchanges, and identities
How you express things
How others perceive the groups
Dont start out as a "gang"
Doesnt become a gang till it is looked at as a deviant thing
Envisions gang contexts as setting in which people develop meaning with life-world in
association with others
Its an interactive setting
In which people define self
Even in a group, people argue and fight but you dont see this till you are in the
group itself
The images that become associated with specific groups and the implications of these
images for people's reactions
Does not look at them as "disturbed personalities" but as meaningful and enabling
features of group life
Subcultures also work as people trying to get rid of deviance
Envisions groups as offering participants ways of achieving freedoms, pursuing
entertainment and developing and maintaining a sense of self in the community
Starting with the explanation of group process, we will explain the matters of people
establishing or generating associations, objectifying or achieving viability of those groups in
the community, and dealing with outside members of specific associations.
Group Process
Interactionist literature provides some particularly valuable accounts of the processes
through which groups become constituted, are sustained, and attempt to manage
their presence in the broader community
Subcultures have a rather precarious existence amidst an assortment of relationships,
activities, and exchanges involving both insiders and outsiders
Research on subcultures is hard because scholars have to immerse themselves into
these groups, this might be potentially dangerous
It is necessary to directly examine the matters of people developing and maintaining
Establishing Associations
the matter of establishing associations cuts across all realms of human associations (etc
gang, or committee)
This makes it not just limited to deviant subcultures
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