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University of Waterloo
SOC 227
Addie Nelson

Week 8 Neo- classical theory  Intended to modify and strengthen classical theory  Agreement with many of classical theory’s principles  Recognized differences in criminal circumstances  Suggested that in certain areas classical control strategies should be more flexible.  Pre-mediation: the prior planning of an act = severe penalty  First time offender: “freer in will” than repeat offenders. A repeated offender can be committing a crime as a habit.  Mitigating circumstances: physical and environment factors considered in determining and offender’s responsibility- weather, stress, situational features  Positive school of criminology: holds that if we wish to control crime, must focus on causes of crime. What induces a criminal to commit a crime? E.g. biological factors, psychological factors.  Adopted child syndrome: those who are adopted are more likely to suffer from a cluster of symptoms that makes them more likely to get involved in deviance act.  Cherambault- Kandinsky syndrome: a judge who was accused of having stalked his former lover. Those who suffer are unable to control their actions. Strips people of their free will. The syndrome refers to love sickness. You are powerless to resist bad behaviour.  Failure to file syndrome: stems from an overall inability to act in one’s own interest even though one is actively anxious about a clear and present danger.  Fan obsession syndrome: caused by repeated exposure over time and
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