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University of Waterloo
SOC 227
Addie Nelson

CRIMINOLOGY LECTURE ONE Topic Public fascination with crime in general and violent crime in particularStatistics Canadas TimeUse Survey most common leisuretime activity of CanadiansMcLuhan first curriculum for youngFree timePrime TimeCulture Statistics Programs Television Project average hours of viewing 22 hrs per weekWhat are we watching1950s CBC RCMP1970s 1980s Scales of Justice Seeing Things This Is The LawCurrently Alias American Justice Americas Most Wanted America Fights Back Behind The Badge Blue Murder Body of Evidence Crossing Jordan From the Case Files of Dayle Hinman Brooklyn South Celebrity Justice City Confidential Cold Case Cold Case Files Cold Squad Columbo COPS CrimePunishment Crime Story Crossing Jordan CSI CSI Miami CSI New York Dalziel and Pascoe Dalziel and Pascoe Da Vincis Inquest Diagnosis Murder Disaster Detectives DogBounty Hunter Dominic Dunnes Power Privilege and Justice Dragnet Exhibit A Secrets of Forensic Science FBI Files Flashpoint Forensic Evidence Forensic Files Hawaii Homicide Life on the Street I Detective In The Jury RoomIn the Mind of Criminal Profilers Inspector Linley Inspector Morse IR Cold Case Files Judge Greg Mathis Judge Hatchett Judge Judy Judge Joe Brown Judging Amy Kavanagh QC Knight Rider Large Winch Blast From the Past Law and Order Law and Order Special Victims Unit Law and Order Criminal Intent Lloyd and Hill Manhunt Medical Detectives MI5 Miami Morgue Monk Murder She Wrote Mystery Ink NCIS Neon Rider NYPD Blue Peoples Court Poirot Prime Suspect Profiler Quincey ME Rockford Files Rumpole of the Bailey Scotland Yard Tales From The Black Museum Secrets of Forensic Science Sherlock Holmes Sue Thomas FB Eye Texas Justice The District The Docket The First 48 The Great DetectiveThe John Walsh Show The Practice The Shield The Sopranos The System To Serve and Protect Third Watch Trace Evidence The Case Files of Dr Henry Lee Truth Duty Valour Unsolved Mysteries VIP Walker Texas Ranger Wanted Dead Or Alive Without A TraceProblems US prosecutors have blamed CSI effect for cases being dismissed or the accused acquitted when there is a lack of forensic evidence presented in court1Survey conducted in Maricopa County Arizona jurors indicated disappointment when there was a lack of forensic evidence at the trial they sat on75 expected scientific evidenceOne episode of CSI 3 million to produce equal to annual budget of a real labStudy by criminologist JeanPaul Brodeur of 153 homicides committed in Montreal between 19902001forensic evidence used in only 07 of cases225 cases use eyewitness accounts205 cases spontaneous confessionQuebec provincial police forensic scientist Alexandre Beaudoin invented application for a solution used to lift fingerprints off wet paperopinions that 99 of what you see on CSI is real but its so extreme you couldnt do it in real lifeMisleading impression of how criminalforensic investigations really take place Canadian auditor generals report crime lab work takes between 80188 daysBooks Amazon Books Sept 2010N425692 crimeN303998 criminalsN 145468 true crimeN89518 detectivesN 84306 murder Ottawa N 34139 mass murderersN 27465 robbersN 17859 serial killersN 17802 rapistsN 4441 serial rapistsN 3440 child molestersN 441 necrophiliac killers2Poisoned LoveSometitlesFatal RomanceUnequal Justice The Central Park Jogger Final AffairTrialsDeadly SeductionGetting Away With MurderTo Love Honour and KillTheyre Going To Kill My SonLove Me To DeathWho Killed My DaughterWomen Who Love Men Who KillWho Killed My WifeDream Lovers Women Who Marry Men My Husbands Trying To Kill MeBehind BarsStep Into My ParlourPrison GroupiesEvil HarvestTill Death Us Do PartAlone With the DevilEvery Womans NightmareThe Devil in the White CityFirst Well Kill My Husband Devils KnotA Wifes RevengeAngels of DarknessDeadly Mistress A True Story of Marriage Angels of DeathBetrayal and MurderBlood RushSmall SacrificesRace Against EvilSleep My Child ForeverGarden of GravesWhatever Mother Says A True Story of a Midnight in the Garden of Good and EvilMother Murder and MadnessUnholy CovenantNo Daddy DontUnholy MessengerBy Their Fathers HandAn Early GraveMurder So Cold A Fathers Deadly Rage a Journey into DarknessDaughters Tragic LegacyHouse of EvilDie my Love A True Story of Revenge Cruel SacrificeMurder and Two Texas Sisters One Deadly NightSuch Good Boys The True Story of a Without PityMother Two Sons and a Horrifying MurderA Descent into Hell the True Story of an Mamas Boy The True Story of a Serial Altar Boy a Cheerleader and a Twisted Killer and His MotherTexas MurderBut He Was Good To His Mother The Lives XRatedand Crimes of Jewish GangstersLethal LolitaDie Grandpa DieLust KillerPiano TeacherSlave GirlsDoctors of DeathThe Sex Slave MurdersBlind Passion3
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