SOC229 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Smoke Inhalation, Desroches Island, Relate

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016
Patterns in Prison Riots
Identify and discuss patterns & dissimilarities
Discuss how leadership emerges & what it looks like
Relate leadership to inmate elite
Examine violence and the role of guards
Proactive approach and prevention
Available data
Fragmentary newspaper articles, media coverage of events
- San Quention (1968
- Attica 1971
- Jackson Michigan 1981
- Ohio
Conceptual issues
Lack of definition of ‘riot’
Desroches distinguishes ‘riot’ from ‘disturbance’
Disturbance – easily ended, one or two individuals, common &unreported, no hostages
Defining Prison riots
Uncommon, reported, news coverage
Significant portion of general population
Duration; 3-4 days
since 1932, violence & destruction increases
( Increased riots, due to over-crowding, double bunking, less privacy, understaffing, lack of
services, used to have 24 hour medical care
Initial stages of Prison Riots: Attica & Kingston
NO clear leadership or organization
Self – preservation by aligning themselves with friends or groups that are safe
Fires/entrapment (Jackson 5 inmates died by smoke inhalation)
Drugs, fighting
Personal safety key
Inmates will turn themselves over to authority
Authorities will provide escape route
Demoralizing but riot ends quickly
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