SOC229 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Serial Crime

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Thursday 4th Feb. 2016
Lecture 9
Modus Operandi & Robbery
Objectives (lecture 9 & 10)
Describe and Analyse the three types of bank robber based on M.O.;
Explain key choices that bank robbers make related to weapons, getaway, and partners,
What is M.O? (Modus Operandi)
Refers to the methods of operation employed by criminals to facilitate their offence
Robbery is a repetitive crime
M.O. is therefore distinctive
Hold-up squad – investigative unit (handles robberies and
- Give M.O. name
- E.g., The back, back gang (called that bc they were told the customers to back up)
E.g., the relax bandit (Bc when he was taken into custody noticed that about him.
Intended/Unintended Functions of M.O.s
Help in capture of suspects
- Friday afternoon band
- The subway bandit
Connects police to other robberies
- Clear unconnected cases
- Get multiple conviction’s/counts
- 15 is better than one
Minimal, low-level planning involved
5% said they planned (in detail)
Most don’t even consider being caught
-Feeny study 60% (said they didn’t even considered being caught, lack of planning)
Lack of consideration of:
- Location of police stations
- No experience with weapons
- No research on bank (its details and stuff)
Selecting a target
Two considerations: how to get in, and where is the money
Targets of convenience
Crap shoot (money and resistance)
Getaways, Alarms, Cameras
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